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Re: Suggestion: condense the boards

Post by Appaloosa »

yeah it was on the Flip Wilson show.....I got sattelite it shows old reruns of everything an there
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Re: Suggestion: condense the boards

Post by Alex_Lampros »


Personally, I perfer less rather than more sections. We get buy over at - a very hectic place - with just one. That might be too extreme for here, I'd go with 2-4. 10 seems excessive. Many of the forums have posts from a week ago still on the front page near the top. To me, that's not desirable. I think you'd get more vibrant discussion with fewer boards.

But, you guys have been here longer t han I have, you know best.

As an aside, I am seriously fucked up today. I am continously amazed by how high you can get just on lack of sleep.
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