They said it couldn't be done, Housebreaking my Chihuahua.

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They said it couldn't be done, Housebreaking my Chihuahua.

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Really I gota give props to my moms shitzu for showing him the ropes he is a great dog and its rubbed off on my little guy. Took bout 2 solid months of crate tranning but he has the outside thing down pat. He is also as friendly as can be still unsure of friends (strangers to him) over for the first time but he gets use to people fast and loves to be played with and cuddled. Forgive me for bragging but you have to understand this dog has improved the quality of my life in such ways.

When I first got him some of my famliy and friends told me I would have a hard time housebraking him and he'd be a mean lttle dog. Well he's housetrained and has a pleasant disposition.

I have to say my Chihuahua's pleasant disposition has rubbed off on me ):)
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