Rush Limbaugh, the convicted drug addict felon

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Re: Rush Limbaugh, the convicted drug addict felon

Post by EddieHill »

Update, they should test him for speed he dropped some weight.Or he had Sen. Craig O sucktion. I do not think they have a test for that. I wish he would just go away. This whole heath care thing drives me nuts. Nobody says how well healthcare works or not in Sweden. And a lot of people say it sucks in Canada and England. If there is a great plan out there I hope the people of the United States get to vote on it. May the best plan win. And Rush will leave the country and run to the toilet every day in Mexico.I hope its against FCC rules to have a radio show in the bathroom. ]:o)
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Re: Rush Limbaugh, the convicted drug addict felon

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the line to buy tix for a lottery to help that crazy bastard move out the country is longgggg, FUCKING LONGGGGGG!!! so many offers, there had to be a lottery. and we're trying to figure out a way to stuff Glenn Beck into one of his boxes. label it "oxycontin" and Rush will make sure it goes with him :lol:

now Rush Limpd*ck's not leaving. oh he's leaving!! either by his choice or we're shoving his lunatic ass on a boat and kicking it off. fuck that! get our hopes up about leaving then renege?? 8-O ]:o(
huh? what? who? damn, I'm always the last to know.
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