Dedicated to My Folks

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Dedicated to My Folks

Post by abnormalandbitchy »

A friend of mine posted this on a Site I work on and he gave me premission to post it here , thought you guys might like

Dedicated To My Folks

Verse 1

What's good mom and dad it's ya first born son
And I'm glad I'm from tha hood where tha story begun
On Janurary 18th yall gave birth ta tha curse
But still a gift from God so yall couldn't reimburse
Maybe that's why I've always felt I had ta prove my worth
Might have caused a couple problems but neva made it worse
Waist Deep in my thoughts like Tyrese, when will I release
myself from selfish wants of greed and wealth
God please forgive me, I was young and I was learnin
Tha fire inside of me ta better is still burnin
I always had my health and strength I shouldn't complain
But my disdain fo what we did'nt have caused tha pain
We had financial stability and residential security
I realized that's what was important wit maturity
Mom had tha hot plate every night on tha table
Eatin good in tha hood like tha AppleBee's label
Clean sheets on my bed wit air condition and heat
Made sure I had a bath and then I'd brush my teeth
I remember when we lived in between 2 drug spots
And tha night when both houses got painted wit shots
My dad was holdin me tellin it was OK
I was ten years old man what else could he say
Thanks mom and dad how can I ever repay you
I'll start by takin back tha times I said I hated you

Hook #1 2x

Every night you used ta hold me and rock me ta bed
Put me ta sleep wit stories and a kiss on my head
Always had a father so I did'nt have ta guess but
some things that I've done got me livin wit regrets

Verse 2

Now I don't make ta many promises that I can't keep
Life is a bargain from God but than dyin ain't cheap
I reminisce about tha many things yall have done fo me
Now I realize that this world offers nothin fo free
But yall gave unconditionally wit out complainin
And did it continuously even when we struggled maintainin
Yall made sure I had it better than my peers even
though we from tha same hood sheddin tha same tears
I felt rich even though we was closer ta poor and
all these things I'm about ta say I'll do and more
Practice tha life lessons yall me ta use and
neva get stressed over multiple deaths on tha news
Reach fo higher livin neva settlin fo less because
I'm worth my weight in gold deservin nothin but tha best
Obstruct any enemies who wanna hinder my progress
Leave this earth wit nothin hidden nothin ta confess
Magnify tha actins that yall did when I was young
Heroes credited fo nothin so I call yall unsung
Invent ways ta pay yall back fo tha non-refundable
Throw away tha receipts cuz that's what it's come to
Sermonize ya lives and keep yall alive fo tha
thime when I enshrine yall in tha Hall Of Life archives
Emulate every move and every word that yall said and
hope regrets fo wrong doings don't take me ta tha death bed

Hook#2 2x

Now I'm in a different position just tryin ta make a livin
Keepin yall in my thoughts so my vision is tha best
As long as ya here my mission is not hidden so
in order ta progress, I gotta toss away my regrets
Behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain - Bob Dylan
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