Charlie RIP

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Charlie RIP

Post by EddieHill »

Charlie was my ex girlfriends dog that died on tuesday and was buried in her back yard with the rest of her dogs. I did not reply to her email because we both moved on a few years ago. Her email saddened me because it remminded me even though we were just using each other for sex, that I was attached to her dog. Do not worry folks, I am not going to sneak in her back yard and crack a beer and say a few kind words over Charlies` grave. I will just say them here, God Bless Charlie, That Went To The Pet Department In Heaven. Cheers!
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Re: Charlie RIP

Post by JTF »


Go sneak in her yard... I'm sure her new dog will understand!

I am sorry for you... at least you got attached to the dog and used her for sexual gratification. You realized that dogs are special... :)
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