Happy Motherfucking Birthday

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Happy Motherfucking Birthday

Post by Dave »

Happy birthday, Richard. Actually, happy birthday to the rest of us. For 75 years, Richard Pryor's comedy, honesty, spirit, and humanity has been shared with us mortals. And not a one of us has not benefited... even those who might refuse to believe it. The human race as a whole is at least somewhat warmer as a result of Richard's birth and it should be and shall be celebrated as long as humans walk the Earth. Or at least as long as I do. Happy motherfucking birthday, Rich... wherever you are. Like the forum header says: we do love you. Deal with it.
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Re: Happy Motherfucking Birthday

Post by tamra »

:tup: :tup: :clap: :angel:
huh? what? who? damn, I'm always the last to know.
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