Welcome back, motherfuckers!

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Welcome back, motherfuckers!

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:wback: Some shit to know:

Your login name and email matches original forum - http://forums.richardpryor.com/forums/index.cfm . If you cannot remember your password, use the "I forgot password" option in Login window to reset your password. If you don't remember your email to reset your password, use the forum's Contact Page to send the admins a message.

All of your posts from old forum were transferred. Some smilies, images and urls are not formatted yet. Those will take time to convert. However, clicking "Edit" then "Submit" (no changes required) for any of your posts, will auto convert bbcodes. phpBB adds an additional formatting for url, img, and other bbcode options. yayyyyyy :nerd:

So with that, talk away. :type: And if you spot any spammers, let us know so we can go after that mofo! :bat:

Now let's get it on...

First topic: topic or post number 1999, let's find out what it was about: http://richardpryor.com/old_forum/viewt ... t=10#p1999
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