Question for Jennifer/ Live In Concert

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Question for Jennifer/ Live In Concert

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Hi Jennifer, a few years ago I came across a video of Richard's Heart Attack routine on Youtube, but it was delivered differently than at the actual DVD/Special which really stuck with me. So when I asked here you confirmed the show was filmed over several nights. Have you ever thought of releasing footage from the other takes? Would be great to see alternate versions of that show as that is without doubt the greatest stand up performance ever caught by a comic on camera. There is no extra footage on the DVD with unseen footage from the show... But heard he shot it for as many as 7 nights, and that they filmed several of his performances, even in other cities. So would be incredible to see footage from some of those performances. Or maybe bits or routines that were cut from the actual screened special.

Also wondered if you ever thought about making a documentary about Richard putting together Live In Concert? It would be incredible to hear about how he created the show and the stories behind his material. There is not enough Pryor footage out there capturing him in his golden era. And this was him at his absolute best. And I doubt anyone saw it come together more than you, and witnessed how he worked the material, since you were taking notes for him every night.

Thanks for keeping his legacy alive I have bought everything you guys have released of his including all those t-shirts!
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