For Jennifer

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Son of the Circus
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For Jennifer

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All the stupid things I do have absolutely no reflection on my heart, my , mind, the way I feel inside.
I am just a wounded bird shot down by cupids bow.
She hurt me more than she'll ever know.
I keep working hard, it will one day pay off.
I'm sorry Jennifer for writing about jacking off.
I was just so mad, so busy so stressed. I promise Mrs, Pryor never to make another poetic mess. ):)
" I'm so funny, I am still broke "
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White Honkey Bitch In Charge
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Re: For Jennifer

Post by Jennifer »

Son of the Circus,
well, since you put it this's now kinda funny and by no means am I making lite of your pain...I am sorry...heartbreak is a part of life and it's never easy...
hang in there!
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