OK -Everybody...(RP'S birthday)

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OK -Everybody...(RP'S birthday)

Post by Jennifer »

You know me~and if you don't, here it is in a NUTSHELL...
I think EVERY DAY should be celebrated... a " HOLLIDAY "
If you will pardon the pun in sharing my last name as is my "excuse..."
Whatever you're thinking~stray FAR from the "norm" ~You will see
That it's already there in your heart & your mind... SET IT FREE !
SO~If December 1st~is the definite "official" countdown til X-Mas...
which is supposed to be " THE " BIGGEST HOLLIDAY of the YEAR~
Retail-isticly speaking, I think~there... OK ?
Forget all the stupidity that makes faith unclear
For FAITH is my lifeline~Then my thinking becomes clear
AN EVEN BETTER reason to CELEBRATE... and find it I did !
Hold on to your worries~Forget about $pending even one dime...
'Cause I'm about to hit you with a gift that costs YOU nothing but time
The reason to celebrate is ONE reason, today WE can laugh...
WHY we use "colorful" language~and talk about our past
THIS Friday night becomes Saturday~From 12 midnite on
SO celebrate~IT's the date RICHARD PRYOR was born!!!
Offering a reason because~this Holliday season's got you feeling sad
I promise you this~if you get nothing else~at least you WILL smile
Remembering one of the millions of funny things that Richard once said
Beautiful, hysterical~f*cking funny feelings inside~mean it's never THAT bad
PARTY on the First Day of December~every year from this moment on
Richard Pryor's a hero~I LOVE the man~as I'm sure you can tell
And Birthday's are to celebrate the date our loved ones were born...
So have some fun & laugh~for Richard's sake~we might as well!
Do it in private~Do it WAY loud, Do it for your own self~Make us all proud
Cuss like a sailor~Laugh like a goof... December day one is our first debut
To be the funniest mother-f*cker in town~It's the day to act like a clown
Richard Pryor's birthday gives you permission to go all the way out
I LOVE YOU~MR. PRYOR... for giving us "REAL"
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you... WHEREVER you are...
You ARE the MAN~and a True SUPERSTAR!!!
This first one's on me... For YOU... I stand & applaud... HAPPY HOLLIDAY.
All of My Love & Laughs Forever...
Rev/Mrs Diana Holliday
*Hollywood, CA*
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