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ATTENTION: All items on this Official Richard Pryor® site are available for purchase for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Neither of these items are available for, nor to be used for, reproduction. Any attempts to reproduce any of these items will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

...And It's Deep Too - CD Box Set -
NEW PRICE!! $30.00

And It's Deep TooORIGINAL, authentic, quality and authorized studio recordings. From Rhino Records, the classics collected. Every album Warners released. All of the classics, put together with that special Rhino Records touch, including a fascinating and historical booklet. A must-have collector's item for any fan of Richard's!

Note: other copies sold online are either not authorized or not originals, but are simply personal, mass-duplicated copies. The Estate of Richard Pryor has the original, authorized copies.

Evolution/Revolution: The Early Years - CD - $19.95

Richard Pryor - Evolution RevolutionEvolution/Revolution is a huge collection of on-stage moments from Richard's early years (1966-1974), predating his breakthrough album, That Nigger's Crazy . 65 tracks on 2 CDs chronicle his metamorphosis from middlebrow comic to controversial sensation. Compiled and produced by Rhino Entertainment.

Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin' - DVD - $9.99

Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin' - DVDRichard Pryor set the stage for the brash, no-holds-barred comedy practiced by later comic successes like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. His soulful performance--and his legacy--are captured in LIVE AND SMOKIN', released in 1985 but filmed 15 years earlier at New York City's Improvisation. Included among the funny, wide-ranging (and often vulgar) skits is the now famous "Wino Preacher and Willie the Junkie" sequence.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert - DVD - $19.99

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert - DVD Crude. Foul. Real. In a word, that's Richard Pryor: Live in Concert. In this, the funnyman's first and best concert film, Pryor does dead-on impersonations of the respective races, cussing, trying to act tough, getting kicked in privates. But it's his imagination that elevates him to a different level and hints at the comedic genius of the man. He gives his impressions of what animals think, from his own animals (a monkey, a Doberman) to police dogs, and it seems so exact, so precise. Not to mention the fact that he is at his self-deprecating best, skewering himself as much as any other subject.

The Anthology 1968-1992 - CD - $19.95

The Anthology 1968-1992 - CDTwo disc collection of some of the best stuff from the Warners collection. Throw in a phenomenal and creative package design and a detailed booklet, and you've got a great value.

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