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Is It Something I Said? ® Gold 1975/Platinum 1986/Grammy 1975

Bicentennial Nigger ® Gold 1976/Grammy 1976

Wanted: Richard Pryor Live ® Gold 1979

Richard Pryor's Greatest Hits ® Gold 1980/Platinum 1986

Rev. Du Rite ® Grammy 1981

Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip ® Grammy 1982

That Nigger's Crazy ® Grammy 1974/Gold 1986

Black Ben The Blacksmith

Craps (After Hours)

Who Me, I'm Not Him

Are You Serious???


The Wizard Of Comedy

...And It's Deep Too! The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings (1968-1992) ® includes 9 CDs/Grammy 2002

Richard Pryor

That Nigger's Crazy

Is It Something I Said?

Bicentennial Nigger

Wanted/Richard Pryor Live in Concert Part 1

Wanted/Richard Pryor Live in Concert Part 2

Live On Sunset Strip

Here and Now

That African-American is STILL Crazy-Good Shit from the Vaults

Anthology 1968-1992 includes 2 CDs (highlights from "... And It's Deep, Too!")

Richard Pryor Anthology

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Richard Pryor Is It Something I Said

Richard Pryor Rev Du Rite

Richard Pryor And It's Deep Too

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