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Richard Pryor Television Performances

On Broadway Tonight (1964)

The Wild Wild West (1965)

Kraft Music Hall (1966)

ABC Stage '67 (1966)

The Ed Sullivan Show

The Ed Sullivan Show (numerous appearances 1960s-1970s)

The Merv Griffin Show (several appearances 1960s)

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (numerous appearances 1960s-1980s)

The Young Lawyers (1969)

A Last Laugh at the 60s (1969)

Carter's Army (Black Brigade)

Carter's Army (aka Black Brigade) (1970)

The Partridge Family (1970)

The Mod Squad: The Connection (1972)

Comedy News (1972)

The Flip Wilson Show (1973)

Lily Tomlin Specials (1973)

Mike Douglas Show, guest host (1974)

Saturday Night Live, guest host (1975)

Richard Pryor Show

The Richard Pryor Show (4 episodes; 1977)

Barbara Walters Specials (1979, 1980, 1986)

Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter (1981)

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever, host (1983)

The Academy Awards, co-host (1983)

Pryor's Place (1984-1985)

Funny (1985)

Richard Pryor Biography: Biography (1987)

The Comedy Store 15th Year Class Reunion (1988)

A Laugh, A Tear (1990)

A Party for Richard Pryor (1991)

The Meaning of Life (1992)

What Is This Thing Called Love? (1992)

The Comedy Store's 20th Birthday

The Comedy Store's 20th Birthday (1992)

Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America, executive producer (1992)

HBO's 20th Anniversary: We Hardly Believe It Ourselves (1992)

Martin (1993)

Met Life Presents the Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame (1993)

But...Seriously (1993)

The Second Annual Comedy Hall of Fame (1994)

20 Years of Comedy on HBO (1994)

Chicago Hope (1995)

The 10th Annual American Comedy Awards (1995)

Richard Pryor: Comic on the Edge (1995)

Malcolm & Eddie

Malcolm and Eddie (1996)

The 27th Annual NAACP Image Awards (1996)

Margot Kidder: The E! True Hollywood Story (1997)

The 12th Annual American Comedy Awards (1997)

The Mark Twain Prize: Richard Pryor

The Mark Twain Prize: Richard Pryor (1999)

The Norm Show (1999)

Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh?

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